IEM recommendations?

  1. hermy65
    Im slowly getting into this space and im in need of some new IEMs. I had a pair of Massdrop+ IEMs and they were great but they broke so im looking to replace them with something but i have no idea what to look at. I mostly listen to hard rock/metalcore but occasionally i do listen to some pop-punk and a little rap. I would like something that has decent bass if possible as well. Im looking to spend around $300 on a new set and will be driving them with either my Cayin n5ii or my hiby r3.

  2. Will Chiu
    It01 and final e5000 are very nice
  3. kukkurovaca
    I can provide a comparison between the Massdrop Plus and the IT01–the Plus is more neutral with much better mids. The IT01 has more and better bass, and is a better value for money. The IT01 is also dramatically less picky about sources.
  4. serman005
    Maybe check out an RHA T10i. It has abundant and solid bass. Also a fan of the IT01. Agree with the description.
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  5. Kanshiro
    I don't know if you've considered a custom IEM. You might find the Custom Art Ei.3 (now 300$) interesting.
    They aren't the most suited for metal, but they do an admirable job for edm & hip hop.
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  6. Colors
    Final Audio E5000 for a darker, warmer sound signature (great bass and excellent vocal clarity).

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