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IEM Recommendations coming from Sleek Audio SA6...

  1. Fiberoptix
    Hi all,
    I've been using the Sleek Audio SA6 for around three years now. I've always loved this earphone but in that time I think i've replaced the cables around 8 times (constant cracking and snapping)!! I also think that the earphone could be a lot better for my tastes if there was more pronounced bass (not muddy or boomy bass but more definition if that makes sense?).
    I'm not expert on IEM's and have little experience. I did a fair bit of research when purchasing the SA6 and decided upon them due to the interchangeable ports and cables (this is now not a priority).
    I've been looking at the Sennheiser IE8 and the Audio Technica CK10 (i know these have vastly different sound signatures). My price range is around the £200 mark (£250 if there is something that would be a significant improvement).
    Please could you offer your recommendations?
    N.B. I mostly listend to DnB, Breaks, Hip Hop but also funk, soul, acoustic etc... so I think something balanced and defined would be better than something bass heavy. Please note that I am happy with the signature of the SA6 i would just prefer more bass definition and better soundstage/instrument seperation. What would be the best step up?
    Hope you can help!
  2. pedxing
    If you are looking for balance, I don't see how you can go wrong with ATH-CK10 besides the fact that finding repair service for it might be harder than let say the Senn IE8. Also, you may want to investigate the earsonic SM3 and pay up more money for performance.

    Since you snap a lot of cables, I would go for a solution that is convenient for your to reach get it fix via customer service or it comes with replaceable cables.
  3. Fiberoptix
    So coming from SA6 am i more likely to be more comfortable with the CK10 or IE8??
    Would the CK10 have more bass prescense than the SA6 with + bass port?

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