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May 9, 2019
Hi guys !

I am searching for some good IEM.
I am not a true audiophile but I do enjoy good sound quality.
Here are my criterias

I like soundstage and bass.
I have 200$ CAD to spend.
I will be using them with my Samsung galaxy s7 most of the time
I will be using them for transport and gym.
I like the look of in ear like the shure 215.
I would like the MMCX input so I can switch between Bluetooth and/or replace the cable.
I was looking between Fiio F9 /F9 pro / FH . shure 215(white special edition), pinnacle p2 , BGVP DMG .

From what I have seen the 215 are strong and have good noise isolation but they are also getting OLD and I could get better sound for the money.
I am also scared to buy the wrong Chinese cheap thing.

What would you guys recommend now in 2019 ?

Thank you !
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Personally not a fan of the Shure 215 or the FiiO IEMs before the FH series. I’d definitely look at the FH1 or 5, if you can find one used.There’s also the Moondrop Kanas (or Kanas Pro) which uses a 2-pin connector. There are some 2-pin Bluetooth options available (though not as plenty as MMCX), but if you’re planning on switching out cables a lot, that might actually be less stressful on the connection point than MMCX. Lastly there’s the Campfire Audio Comet for $200 US. Maybe not the most bass, but better than most neutral IEMs and the MMCX connector is very robust. Not great for running off a phone is the Final Audio E4000. An excellent IEM for the price but a bit power hungry.

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