IEM recommendation for an audio noob
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Dec 7, 2011
Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum and quite new to the world of in-ear monitors.
I was previously using the Klipsch S4i (it was a present) but it died in less than a year!
I'm currently looking for a replacement preferably around $100 or less which has a large soundstage, good clarity and good ... um ... 
I'm not sure how to describe it =(
This is a song that I would really like to sound absolutely fantastic with my earphones: (It's a link to a Dynasty warriors 7 track - "The Last Battle")
In particular, I'd like the drums (listening from 0:10 to 0:20 should be enough to get what I mean) to have a real good rumble and impact. Like I actually want to "feel" the bang of the drums go through me (if that makes any sense).
From the comprehensive review guide I read by |joker|, I think the Thinksound TS02 seems like what I'm looking for?
From what I've read, I think I'd prefer something that is warm and "fun" to listen to rather than something that is "cold" and "accurate" (like the RE0).
Thanks in advance!
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Not sure what you are looking for, are you looking for a bright IEM ? (emphasised treble) 

This glossary should help 

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Thanks for that!
I guess I'm looking for something that is warm, bright and musical.
Maybe the rumbly drum effect I'm looking for is reverberation?
* Warm - Good bass, adequate low frequencies, adequate fundamentals relative to harmonics. Not thin. Also excessive bass or mid bass. Also, pleasantly spacious, with adequate reverberation at low frequencies. Also see Rich, Round. Warm highs means sweet highs.
* Bright - A sound that emphasizes the upper midrange/lower treble. Harmonics are strong relative to fundamentals.
* Musical (or musicality) - A sense of cohesion and subjective "rightness" in the sound.
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Alright, after reading more reviews of several other earphones that I had the opportunity to audition personally, I've got a few descriptions that are what I would like in a pair of earphones.
- Large soundstage
- Bass that is deep, extended and with lots of power as well as impact while still controlled
- Well-built with low microphonics when worn cable down
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I've heard a lot of good things about them except for the difficulty of getting a proper fit and the cable problems it has?

The V2 has improved cable, the new version is semi-flat and has a rubber-y feeling to it.
In terms of fitting, it is a straight barrel IEM, and I have a large canal so I am able to get perfect fit and seal while being comfortable, I use the large hybrids tips
In terms of SQ vs cost, this is my best value IEM by miles, $60-sounds-like-$300 IEM if you know what I mean...
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Sweet, thanks guys!
I'll look into both of these earphones.
The TF10s can be an option, I'll just have to stretch my budget a little.
I had originally planned to get a Cowon C2 but I doubt I can tell the difference in sound quality between that and an iPhone 4 =x

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