IEM Recommendation ($100 and below)

  1. Erwan
    I'll start by saying this: I never took IEMs seriously. Ive always been obsessed with headphones, how they look and how comfortable they are, and have been biased in thinking that headphones are automatically superior to IEMs. I would always buy the cheap ones that break easily and barely last past 3 months.

    Fortunately for me, I got the free Samsung IEMs tuned by AKG that came with my S8. I (had/have) Sennheiser Urbanite on-ears along with them, and I was surprised by how much I loved the IEMs: convenient for my commutes as I'm a student, convenient for the gym, very lowkey and easy to pack, can be brought any and everywhere, AND they sounded good. On top of that, they were pretty comfortable and I could lay in bed with them with NO problem.

    Unfortunately, I lost them a month and a half ago and have been struggling just using my on-ears (which I will most likely be replacing with B&O H6 2nd Gen.). Someone in the headphone recommendation told me to look into IEMs, and so I did. So now my question is, what are the best IEMs I can purchase for $100 or less. I was going to purchase the Samsung ones, but when I saw the $100 price tag, I figured I could do better in the same price range. So far, I am conflicted between these two:
    iBasso IT01
    FiiO FH1
    Though, I am not restricted to these and would like to hear if anyone else has any other recommendations.

    In terms of sound quality, I like punchy and present bass, a very good and smooth midrange, very good imaging and soundstage, and highs that do no make my ears bleed (sibilance is a big NO for me). I listen to Hip Hop, RnB, Pop (including Michael Jackson so I like good vocals), Jazz, Latin Jazz, Soul, some EDM/Trap, Samba; but mainly Hip Hop, RnB and Soul.
  2. HungryPanda
    Get the KZ ES4 or ED16 save bucks and enjoy
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  3. HungryPanda
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  4. Erwan
    Thanks for the recommendations! What are the differences between the ES04 and the ED16? And what made you suggest these over the iBassos and the FiiOs, apart from the price differences?
  5. shutterbox
    Massdrop EDC 3.
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  6. TheoS53
    I cannot recommend the $50 MEE M6 Pro 2nd Gen enough. A nice step ahead of the 1st gen in terms of sonic refinement, and waaaaay better from a technical point than the $150 M7 Pro. Of all the sub-$100 IEMs I've heard (FiiO, Hifiman, Kinera, etc) I'd pick the M6 Pro any day of the week.
  7. FastAndClean
    Massdrop EDC 3 is amazing for the money, also the Hisenior B5+, don't get the cheaper ones suggested above, nothing against them, but after awhile you will regret it that you didn't go for the better ones and you probably will end up spending more money at the end
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  8. MidNighTempest
    I really hate the search on Ali, I type in Hisenior B5+ 5 and nothing comes up. :frowning2:

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