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  1. chicken beer
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    Need some good IEMs for portable use, something noticeably better than the Andromeda, and at least as good as prophile 8. I like musical tonality (something close to the Varman target curve) and excellent detail retrieval and I don’t hate analytical sound.

    Offers or even just suggestions are all welcome. Not opposed to buy new pp8s, it just might happen anytime from tomorrow.

    No I don’t want 64U18t because its price tag is too crazy, definitely not gonna pass the 2k line, and maybe no Shure kse1200/1500 I only want to carry one device with me.... maybe.

    I did like the andromeda but it was not that impressive in my case, maybe I wasn’t using the right device so I might get it to compliment with my Westone W80. Another thought is to get a Sennheiser ie800s or Xelento, but I heard mixed comments so not really sure. Sorry no Campfire Atlas, I think I’d prefer the andromeda. No AKG n5005, it’s likely not gonna best my W80 from what I see in the early reviews.

    For cans: I have a maximized hd800 and a GS2000e already, with the right amp they satisfy.
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  2. Rlin987
    Want Atlas?
  3. chicken beer

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  4. Kamingjackchan
    Roxanne performance 加 8wires effect升級缐 要不要 買了四个月

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