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IEM Help Appreciated

  1. waVfom
    It's nice to have time to get on head-fi again now that school's out. Sorry about another one of these threads, but I wasn't able to find a unified thread for IEM help (or I might just be terrible at searching, which is probably the reason). I'm looking for a pair of IEMs around $100, 125 is the max (I don't have anything more than that). 
    Some background: I currently use a pair of SR80i's, and I love them. To be honest, I really like the bass, which I'm pretty sure is an anomaly (but once again, I'm terrible at searching for opinions). The thing that I've really gotten hooked on is the speed that the grados can keep up with - death metal has finally sounded decent with these. I listen to mainly rock (think the usual Linkin Park/the Fray/generic pop stuff), with some death metal and Bob Dylan type stuff sprinkled in. I've never been able to really appreciate classical, and I'm sadly addicted to autotuned stuff (it tends to be so **** catchy at times). Mainly, I'm looking for something with punchy (I think that's the right term?) bass, and precision. By that I mean that I really love hearing multiple things going on at the same time and being able to distinguish individual elements from a huge array of sonic detail. It just kinda excites me. 
    The contenders: Currently I'm looking at the Ety HF5s, Westone UM1s, RE0s, and the S4. I know I'm probably missing a bunch of good IEMs, so if there's something better in the price range, please suggest it/them. 
    Where they'll be used: hotel lobby-like levels of noise. As in, not a massive cacophony, but not totally silent either. Basically, I need a pair of portable headphones so I don't piss of everyone by using my grados (which I've been doing for a while now lol). 
    Thanks for the help guys. I know there are a bunch of "Best IEMs under 100"-type threads, but (I think) that my request is a bit specific to just repost in another thread. If not, flame away. 
    Peace (and thanks for any help)
  2. Berkovajazz
    Monster Turbine are good for rock music.
    If you want more professional sound take a look at VSonic R-07, but they are about 170$.
    They've got not so punchy bass, but very good quality and quantity. Also the are very natural sounding. They've got very big soundstage it is very beautiful!

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