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IEM/Headphone Sale

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by jant71, May 25, 2018.
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  1. jant71
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Hi All,

    Have a few things it is time to part with...
    Semkarch CNT1 with 8 core silver-plated copper cable. Like new - $84 shipped/PP'd.

    ATH-AR3 Lightly Used and box was mailed so has sticker residue on it. $30 shipped/PP'd.

    Tecsun D3 Radio/MP3 player and Trond fold up metal stand. Like new - $25 shipped/PP'd.

    JVC ET50BT wireless earphones. Lightly used and very stable(never got a drop I wasn't trying to force with my Sony and range was 100 feet or so) Great shape - $22 shipped/PP'd


    Elecom CH1010; successor to the CH1000. All brass housings and nice sound. Like new - $30 Shipped/PP'd.

    These are mostly cheap and not worth international shipping so CONUS on them please. Feel free to PM with any questions! Cheers!
  2. jant71
    Up! :ksc75smile:
  3. jant71
    Adding the Sony EX750BT( https://www.sony.com/electronics/in-ear-headphones/mdr-ex750bt )...
    Near perfect shape, is LDAC capable, low use. Includes box, manuals, tips, aux cable, and USB charge cable. $32 + $5 for PP & CONUS shipping. Oh, the case too...

    Also, if if you purchase the CNT1 you will also get a 2.5mm balance cable in addition the cable I'm supplying...
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  4. jant71
  5. jant71
    Up! and PM if interested in a KPH30i, the latest Koss 60 Ohm variant. Might be time to decide to find them a new home:)
  6. jant71
    Up! :)
  7. jant71
    Price drop on the CNT1. $75 shipped CONUS! Include the 8 core upgrade cable, balance cable, and a new TFZ waterproof IEM case. Nice deal but these earphones only seem to be more highly regarded by Japanese audio folks for some reason. Surprisingly less popular for an LZ model but I guess since they tuned it away from the A5 and towards warmth and thickness it makes some sense. Of course I have upgraded the case which will appeal more than the stock blue one. The cables I am including push them away some from that warmth and give more resolution and less smooth/creamy and of course an upgraded look and fit. These have also been confirmed to use the A5 filter kit to add to the stock pair of filters. So, you could add those and still only get to the regular price and get all the bells and whistles. Again, stock tips are new/unused, and adding both balanced and upgrade cables, TFZ waterproof monitor vault style case, and 6.3mm adapter. Price also includes PP & CONUS shipping.
  8. jant71
    Bump :) CNT1 also now up on Amazon as well!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  9. jant71
  10. jant71
    Price drop on the Semkarch. $60 shipped and PP'd!
  11. jant71
    How about a nice bundle for $100 CONUS shipping and PP included!!

    Semkarch CNT1 + 8 core MMCX upgrade cable
    TFZ vault style IEM case
    UAMP( https://uamp.co/ )
    FiiO L17 interconnect
    1 Koss KPH30i

    All in excellent near new like shape and function perfectly. $20(Koss on MD) + $14(L17) + $89(UAMP) + $95(CNT1) + $20(cable) + $15(case) + $10 or so(PP fees and shipping costs) = over $250 of good gear for $100. First $100 takes it. Search them all. Good FiiO cable with a clean sound, best sound micro sized amp with EQ and other features, LZ tuned CNT driver MMCX earphone, a supple 8 braid MMCX cable with the better formed earguides w/o metal wire inside, the Koss 60ohm driver, and a sturdy watertight monitor vault style case that is smaller and pocketable. Thanks for looking!
  12. jant71
    Bump and added the Vido bud in. Bundle had most everything but not an earbud lol :ksc75smile:
  13. trellus
  14. jant71
    EX750BT now SOLD!


    Drop on the bundle to $85 shipped!
  15. aptr91
    PM en route
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