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IEM for under £100

  1. Danniiboii
    I am looking for an IEM that will be used to play all kinds of drum and bass, electronic and house music mainly
    From looking the one that looked the best from reviews was the 1more triple driver.
    Is this the best IEM I should go for in this price range or should I go for something else?

  2. buke9
    Have not tried everyone at the price but they are pretty good.
  3. wolfjeanne
    Have also heard good things about the pinnacle p2, oriveti basic, and if you really want slam the kinera H3. Plus, I think the V-moda zn can now be had for about 100 quid as well. Don't have personal experience with any of those though, but they came up in my recent search which ended with me buying the simgot EN700pro (which is a bit above your budget).

    From what I've personally heard, the vsonic GR07BE remains a classic for a reason, and when I tried the Audio Technica LS70 (in Japan though so not sure how available they are here) I remember reeealy enjoying some drum 'n bass.
  4. Oscar-HiFi
    Oriveti Basic should suit your needs perfectly :D

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