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IEM for metal music and hard rock - ultimate solution

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  1. Mmurin
  2. Mmurin
    Here is my pick:
    CX275s Sennheiser - hard rock (ACDC) , heavy metal (Metallica), prog metal (Dream Theater)
  3. darmanastartes
    I really enjoy the Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 for all types of metal.
    Mixcder X5 is a good budget pick.
  4. gryphon1911
    Dunu DN-2000J (AC/DC, MachineHead, Rammstein)
    Good bass slam for rock and metal. Highs can be a little sparkling for some, but I tamed mine by getting comply tips for them. Near perfect sound now.
  5. loopfreak
    Use equalized b200 v1. Bass is to much for me, other parts are just right in sense that are very forgiving but detailed, thick enough and not axed to much. Thought, ok but it doesn't scale well, but I was wrong . Used them with Mojo and HRT microstreamer and they respond very well and nicely differentiate the two sources.

    Listening to Hiss Spun by Chelsea second time in a row.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  6. oldmate
    Astell Kern AKT8ie MkII seem to do quite well for metal for me. I'm listening to Opeth and Megadeth at the moment.
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  7. audiohol
    The new sleep album sounds a bit too dooomy on my IE80s. Its a bit too mid bassy for metal/rock.
    Anyone with IE800/CA Atlas care to comment?
  8. Pott

    Personally, I've not found headphones more-or-less suited for heavy metal, yet.
    Portable phones-wise, for example, I love the AT ESW9s, which are renowned for being 'slow'. I LOVE their sound. Incredible headphones.

    IEM-wise, I was actually trying the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 just yesterday and while they're extremely bass-light, they're very accurate. Same with the Massdrop Plus, although these are a little more balanced.
    In-spite of these, my dailies are the Westone W20s which just sound accurate. Probably nothing mind-blowing, but they have good sound for $300, are incredibly comfortable, and well... are just great IEMs.

    I listen to a lot of Technical Death Metal bands, or Black Metal. This brings two issues:
    * instrument separation and non-bloated bass/midrange are paramount here to really hear all instruments in techdeath tracks
    * Super accurate headphones will make Black Metal tracks sound... well, exactly as intended: terrible. This is a genre where poor production is one of the key tenets

    Hence even within metal, there's many types of headphones for the many types of Metal, to my mind.
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  9. Sonnycz
    This is a good idea for a thread indeed. My friend is a metal listener like me but he prefers IEM so this will help me recommend something interesting to him.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
  10. Sonnycz
    Hhahhah, you absolutely nailed it man :beyersmile:. Check the new Imber Luminis album by the way:smile_phones:.
  11. chuckler
    I use the Tin audio T2 and Shure SE215/SPE to listen to metal mostly.
    I must say the 215 is pretty good at droney stuff(Moss,Hyatari etc) and Black Metal.
    The T2 is very nice for stuff like Devin Townsend, Prog etc. (currently enjoying the T2 a lot)
    I have the same issue as OP. Prefer IEMs but not too many reviews which focus on/address congested metal music.
    wonder how the Etymotic ER4XR or hf5 for metal? Any owners here? been toying with the idea.
    I like cold and analytical sounding too.
  12. cstark27
    For -core type, I've found my favorite to be the Audeze iSine 20 (or 10). I'll throw on 1more duals, with foam tips if I need more privacy in the office. But after reading up on Metal-Fi forums I'm waiting on the Periodic Audio Be to show up and hope they live up to the hype, for a better closed IEM solution for me.

    I prefer kick drums that I can feel and for cymbals to not sound artificial, and everything to not be a congested/bloated mess.
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  13. FastAndClean
    i boost the low bass on mine about 4db under 50hz and they can rumble clean
  14. chuckler
    Just got my KZ ED16 and I must say after a day of using it, it's pretty darn good for its price. a bit recessed mids but fun sounding with sparkling highs. Initially the highs were piercing and artificial sounding but after a few hours thuings are settling in better. , Anacrusis - screams and whispers album sounds pretty sweet with a punchy kick drum and pleasant highs. I'm liking the ED16 for a budget-fi.
  15. bachankas
    In terms of IEMs the best of the best for me are CA Andromeda - amazing piece of sound, fast, dynamic, great downstage (for IEMs), however they are sensitive and with 12.8 ohms you have to be careful with source output impedance.
    I personally have MEE P1 and Aune E1 - both are also amazing in heavy music.

    Tested on mostly modern metal, almost every subgerne without doom, black and extreme death branches - Trivium, Lamb of God, Devin Townsend, Between the Buried and Me, Shining (Nor), Behemoth, The Dillinger Escape Plan - with some classics: Fear Factory, Death, Testament, Annihilator. I listen to plenty of bands but these are recently the most frequently played.
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