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IEM for around 50$ for metal music

  1. kunalv
    This is my first post here . I would like to buy a pair of IEMs for about 50$ . The music i listen to is mainly metal , bands like Kalmah , Nile , Meshuggah , Decapitated , Opeth etc ..
    I am looking for a good amount of bass as im a big sucker for the double bass blast beats . I am not familiar with the terms Soundstage , highs , lows , mids etc .. But i do realize when an IEM sounds good .
    Also , the build quality has to be strong . Reason being , im from India and i plan to use it amidst all the rush [​IMG]
    Suggestions would be nice [​IMG]
  2. Shufny
    I love the forward drums of the Brainwavz M2 for metal. Now you can preorder them for under 50.
  3. Berkovajazz
    SoundMagic pl30, Playaz Audio Xears TD100, Meelectronics M6 (also find discussions about new models)
  4. il1us10n
    this site might actually be useful for getting local rates :). also for metal, i'd second the BW M2 and meelec M6
  5. kunalv


    Thanks for the replies . My brother's based in LA . He'll be getting em when he comes down here in April.
    Okay , so i read some reviews about the BW M2 and Meelec M6 , but i can't choose between them . Which one should i go for? If there is any other IEM , i would be glad to check that out as well . Currently , im shortlisting these 2.
  6. il1us10n


    ^this actually opens up a couple more options for you in that price range: NuForce NE-7M/ NE-6 and Maximo iM-590.
    Personally though, i'd go for the M2- apart from average soundstage, there is not much wrong with these for the price they're currently going for ~$45. and they perform quite well with death metal :)
  7. oldschool
    Another vote for the BW M2

  8. vtckf
    If you can go a bit higher like $80 I'd get the Klipsch image s4....very good for the money and great for metal and rock.

  9. caimanjosh
    I have the Xears TD-II's and they're terrific for metal, by far the best "metal" headphones I've used.  I almost think they were designed for it.  Build quality isn't as strong as on a lot of IEM's, though, so not sure if they'd work for you (though I use them on the NYC subway every day, no problems so far).  You might also consider the Visang R02/03 (aka Brainwavz ProAlpha/M2). 

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