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IEM for a bass enthusiast?

  1. Tolblo
    I previously owned the Atrio M5's and now own the IE8's. I miss the deep sub-bass and impact of the M5's. I'm thinking about the MG7's but am wondering what else there is. I'm mainly into techno, drum n bass, dubstep etc. I use a Fiio E7 as a DAC also. I've read about the TDK EB900's from ljokerl's thread but am looking for something with better overall quality. I value the quality and balance of the IE8's over the M5's but honestly I'd swap back if I could.
    Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. RibeyeAndScotch
    I cant imagine owning either M5's and IE8s and being left dissatisfied about the bass....
  3. IpodHappy
    Are you sure you have a good seal with the IE8s?  They are the most bass heavy of any IEM I own.  However, without a good seal, the bass just won't be there.
  4. RibeyeAndScotch
    Thats exactly my thought. Im a bass junkie and even the regular turbines are good enough for me.
  5. Tolblo


    I never said I was dissatisfied with M5 bass...


    I use TX500's and I believe the seal is good enough hmm. The seal feels similar to the M5's. I've read a number of people say the M5 sub-bass is significantly superior to the IE8's however, hence why I'm wondering. I'll look into playing with the seal.

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