IEM Dilemma
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Nov 25, 2008
Hello to everyone,

I visited the forum quit regularly since like 1 months because there is so many good advices over here for choosing the right equipment, now I'm currently under a big dilemma and i just created an account to get some advices. I want to buy some IEM for my Iphone but can't choose between 2 choices. But before you girls and guys help me to choose, i have to admit i love bass and i listen mostly to Hip-Hop and some times techno. I do not listen to commercial hip-hop music so sometimes because it's more underground the music quality is not as is best. However, i need some good IEM when the music have good quality. So the dilemma is between Atrio M5 and Sleek SA6. I know Atrio got big punchy bass but another aspect that i love about the SA6 is that they got replaceable cord (good for training) and also they got the mic/control button (option cord) for the iphone. This is a big plus for me because i hate to get out my iphone from my pocket simply to change the track (If some one got an apps to change volume buttons functions to change track let me know). So, i wanted to know if i will be disappointed with the SA6 bass or the new Bass port could help to increase my bass taste?

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Jun 30, 2006
before i give an answer, i just want to say i've never tried these IEM's, but form what i read, the Atrio might be your thing. it would seem the general feeling is the SA6 tuning is a bit of a gimmick. No doubt i'm going to have people jump down my throat for saying that, but it's the general impression i get from various reviews.

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