IEM comfortable for sleep

  1. Itayaz68
    Hi guys, I'm looking for recommendations on iem that it's comfortable to sleep with. I sleep on the side so I need something that won't create pressure between my ears and the pillow.
    My budget is about 50-100$, and my preferred sound signature is neutral-ish to forward mids. I find sibilance very disturbing, so there's that.
    As for the driver, I'll be using it with my Huawei Honor 10, so I need something which is fairly easy to drive. Another really important feature is replaceable cable, preferably with a 2-pin connector.
    Thank you very much guys, all help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Quasimodosbelfry
    I was gonna say Dita Audio then I saw your budget.
    Maybe one of the flat earbuds designs?
  3. JDSM
    I was just cruising around and saw that you were looking for recommendations .
    I tried lots of earbuds and found the inexpensive Maxrock sleeping earplugs to be the most comfortable .
    Not great fidelity, but great comfort ! I fall asleep all the time with them on .
    They last me about 6 months cause I toss and turn a lot , but are so cheep I don't mind replacing them .
    I listen to audio books, so fidelity is not a big deal to me .
    Found them on Amazon
    If you find something else in your price range that you like, I would be interested to hear how you like them

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