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IEM buying help.

  1. MC LeBron 23
    Hi guys, long time since I posted. Anyway, I've been trying to decide on an IEM for the last year to year and a half. I always thought about the JH16 but I just can see buying them for $1000+. Then I came across the UM Merlin's, but again said to myself that $800 is just too much for me. After more research I found the UM tf10 to get great praise on headfi. I found inearcustoms.com where they provide you with tf10s and reshell them for you for about $400. I'm good with paying that if they're that good. I definely want customs too. I hate the feeling of iems shoves into my ears, it always feels uncomfortable to me.

    I'm coming from athM50s and Klipsch s4 II which I bought for $30 at best buy last week. I listen to mostly 90s rap and hip hop (eminem, biggie, naughty by nature ect. and some rock like Linkin park)
    So my questions are...

    1. Are the tf 10s worth the $400 price tag with the reshell? I've heard people getting them on sale for $99 on amazon, do they go on sale frequently?

    2. Does the reshell improve the sound quality significantly or just a little? and what is improved in the sound most?

    3. Does anyone have any experience with inearcustoms.com? is there better sites who are more reliable for reshelling?

    Also, are reshelled tf10s pretty much the best I can get out of universal IEMs and before buying true custom IEMs? Any help is appreciated.


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