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  1. Kapitein
    Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Yannick and I'm fairly new to the audio world :p
    I'm having a bit trouble finding the best IEM and AMP suited for me. I do know this question is a bit broad and I need to be much more specific, but to be honnest. I don't have any remarkeble knowledge or experience regarding IEM and AMP's. My previous IEM's where some trashy Apple one's I got with my 7D Gen iPod Classic. Anyhow, I guess you all now where this is going to .. I do must say that my budget is around 120 Euro's (IEM's only) although you wouldn't hear me complaining if the price went to 160ish Euro's.
    I listten to all kinds off music on a daily base, varying from drum and bass to drumstep to jump up to trap, frenchcore, hardtek, crunckstep, rock, hard rock, psychedelic, and the list goes on.
    So I guess a good bass wouldn't hurt, and having a bit off a robustic quality wouldn't hurt either ( knowing me )
    I'm also quite wondering if it would be worth investing in a portable amp.
    I own a 7D Gen iPod Classic
    My IEM budget varries from 120 to 160 euro's
    Knowing me they would need to be able taking a beating.
    Quality/Price rating wise.
    Music I listen to: Drum and bass, drumstep, jump up, crunckstep, frenchcore, hardcore, grime, hardtek, trance, trap, soft/hard rock, psychedelic
    Anyhow, I'm looking foward to any response and questions.
  2. Kapitein
    I was wondering, would the bass on the Shure SE215's be good enough for my needs ?


  3. Tangster
    If you're upgrading from iBuds, the SHure SE215s will be more than bassy enough. They don't need an amp.

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