IEM alternative to Fidelio X2's
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Mar 17, 2016
Hi people, been a long time since I have been on this forum. Last time I came on here was 4 years ago and I purchased a pair of Fidelio X2's and I've been quite happy with them but now I'm looking for an IEM alternative.

I want something that is going to be of similar or better than my X2's in terms of performance/sound quality, similar sound signature or a little more neutral.

One of the main reasons that I want a pair of IEM is because I had a pair of the original Xiaomi Pistons years ago which I don't have anymore but I believe in some ways the sound quality was quite good and for me, comparable to my X2's

Secondly my Wife and I are due a baby in July and my computer room is becoming a nursery and I will be relocated to a corner in the lounge room and wanted something with better isolation.

I also find IEMs more comfortable than a set of headphones.

I was searching on a store located here in Australia and came across the Sennheiser IE400 Pro's for $379 AU = to $240 USD which seems like a decent discount but I'm not sure how they compare to other alternatives that come up for sale fairly often or something slightly more expensive OR an option from the super confusing cHi-Fi segment.

My budget is roughly around the $500 AUD ballpark.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Edit - I have also found the Cardas A8 Anniversary editions for $179 but haven't seen too many reviews on them but what I have read seems positive and considering the sale price seems like a good offer? I think...
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