IEM 200$ or below (especially chi-fi)
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Jan 9, 2012
Hello, I'm looking for IEM recommendation around that price with these criterias :
- sweet and upfront vocal, especially for female singer
- bass is not that big, but gives enough punch to sound fun
- doesn't sound dry
- preferably detachable cable
- preferably Chi-fi since western brand costs like 1.5-2x here

I mainly listen to live recording from pop-rock genre and also acoustic jam. So far I've been enjoying Shozy Hibiki, but I think the bass is a bit lacking.
I heard that kanas pro is pretty good, but some alternatives would be good to have.
Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried the KZ line, particularly ZS7? Very nice multiple armature buds.
Not yet, my friends who usually gave me advice in the past kinda hate that brand lol, so it kinda affect my thought.
But it seems have been getting good reviews from reputable sites lately, I just don't know which product that I should check out yet since they have so many products. I'll check ZS7!

IT01 or IT01S might be worth reading about.

Ah, ibasso right? I'll check em out!

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oooh! When it comes to chi-fi then you've got to check out Fearless. Mind you, I only have S5t but their range is something to check out.

There's also BGVP but neither's IEMs seem to emphasize female vocals in particular.

If you like the hibiki's, you'll probably find something from one of these two brands. Good luck!

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