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IE8i cable

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by obrienk, Dec 21, 2011.
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  1. obrienk
    Hi, I'm looking to swap out my standard IE8 cable for an IE8i cable (with remote and mic)
    I'm in the UK, and yes i know i could get the one from custom cable but not sure if it's the same quality as the OEM one (although they say it's supplied by Sennheiser germany, so who knows?)
    Happy to exchange my IE8 cable if it helps seal a deal :)
    Alternatively, if anyone can confirm that the CC cable quality is equal to that of the original IE8 cable, i'll just get one of those
  2. fray92
    http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/ is one of the official retailer of Sennheiser in the UK so i think it will be fine for you to purchase stuff from them.
    I bought a short version of IE8 cable from them and it looks identical to the one that come with my IE8 (except for the length, ofc)
  3. obrienk
    Cheers for the reply...I bought a new one from custom cable so will see how the quality compares with the original ie8 cable :)
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