IE80 fakes?
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Oct 8, 2015
Hello, as you can probably tell I am new here. I was looking for a pair of IE80's. There are a few listing on ebay (such as this one for around £150. From what I can tell, the pictures used are legit and the seller has good feedback. I thought IE80's retailed for a much higher price. I just wanted to know if they were fake or if I should have more faith in humanity :p If they are fake would be nice to know how much they should be going for and possibly a link to a site with a good deal. Thanks for the help, look forward to getting some good IEMs.
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I have a really hard time trusting anything on eBay that comes from Hong Kong.  Occasionally you can get legit stuff but it is hard to know.  The price does not seem too far off so my guess would be that they are legitimate, however they are most likely grey market.  Sennheiser does not warranty grey market products so if anything happened to them you would be out of luck.   I recently purchased a pair of Westone's which ended up being grey market and when one went bad Westone will not even take my money to repair / replace them.  They offered me a new pair at full price.    
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There are fakes of the IE80 as well as the IE800 floating around. They are all over Aliexpress and can be had for $15. If they are available there in that fashion they are probably available as lot purchases where you can buy 100s of them at once for resale purposes.

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