IE8 recable?
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Oct 29, 2008
Hi guys.

Would it be possible to recable the Sennheiser ie8?

The problem is the plug:

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What are you looking for exactly? Hardwiring it or replacing it with a better sounding cable?
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But didn't that went bad?

If the UE pins work, that should work with a little shaving here and there.
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Originally Posted by Bonthouse /img/forum/go_quote.gif
But didn't that went bad?

If the UE pins work, that should work with a little shaving here and there.


LOL Yeah it went bad, but that was the headphone's fault, not the connector or the cable.
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I wouldn't mess with those cables (especially connectors) unless you're already broken the cable. That supposed extra sound quality from "premium" wire probably isn't worth destroying your cable/buds.
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You'd think you could get replacement connectors so you can build a new cable.....but I haven't seen them around. Annoying.
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Maybe it's possible to order a new cable from sennheiser and destroy these to get the connector. But to get the cables in the connector, i will have to cut the connector into two pieces and glue it back together, something that can go wrong very easily i think, and it's ugly.

I thought; maybe these pins and connectors are something used in other headphones as well and available somewhere, but that does not seem the case. I guess i have to wait for Null Audio or some other company to come with replacement cable.
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I went to Null Audio's site to check out the IE8 cable, and saw 'sold out', or 'unavailable' (forget which), and thought 'damn, gone already'? So I emailed their sales to get the scoop as to when they'd be out again, and got this response:



The IE8 cable was supposed to be released this month. However, we are experiencing some technical and tuning difficulties on it.

The project has been postponed indefinitely.

Please watch out our website for updates.

Best Regards,

Kevin K. Wang

Null Audio Studio
10 Nanyang Drive
Singapore 637720
Null Audio Studio
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I'm pretty sure Whiplash Audio has made (or is making) a TWag cable for the IE8s. PM SACD-Man.
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Has anyone gone about actually measuring the spacing and diameter of the pins?  They look like, to my eye, standard .1" spacing.  In this case you could probably use a plain old 2-pin molex type (or other generic) connector so long as there is no surrounding sheathing/plastic.
Just my two cents.

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