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IE-8i and Monster Pro Miles Davis Tribute Durability

  1. Gliss
    The housing on one of the buds on my Monster Pro Turbine Golds came apart while untangling them last night, so now I'm seeking a replacement. I'm looking for a good all around head phone that can provide good bass on occasion.  I get a pretty good deal on the  IE-8i's and the  Monster Pro Miles Davis Tribute and would like a recommendation on which pair to get or to stick with the Pro Golds. Also, I'd  like to know how durable the build quality is on the Pro MDT vs. the IE-8i. Finally how comfortable are the IE-8's? I do occasionally like to rest with my headphones on. 
  2. mastershake2393
    The IE8's have my vote. They are made of rugged plastic, but they are very comfortable even for my small ears. When I had the original Turbines, I thought they were pretty comfortable, but find the IE8's much more comfortable. Plus, you don't have to work about any paint chipping on the IE8's.

  3. QuantumXL
    Tributes fade pretty quickly. The wires I'm not a fan of either. The IE8s I heard are really durable, however, I cannot speak of them. The wires on the MT golds aren't that great either, also the housing can easily open.

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