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Ie 800 comparison

  1. notaglove
    Hi head fi, I currently have the hd700’s and I love them. My only gripe is that I can’t take them from my desk and they don’t isolate any sound ( I have a roommate that only plays games 24/7 and has no inside voice. Need isolation to study with). I don’t want a pair of over ear closed headphones because those still aren’t portable.

    So I’m thinking iems. I have the ie 80 s already and like he sound a lot but feel it’s lacking in some ranges. I don’t notice it as much in music just because I listen to pop and rap mostly (sorry don’t hate me I also love classical!). I am usually extremely good at picking up on frequ nixed being lacking ( probably not something special ) and so it drives me crazy that I can’t game with these iems. They have the soundstage but they can’t pick up footsteps properly (they sound really weird compared to my hd700). And I’ve noticed it slightly in music for some vocals from some artists.

    I’m looking to get the IE800 because I’m hoping they are more balanced than the ie80 s and won’t fail me with weird patches of lacking frequency.

    Please don’t say this is overkill for gaming because they aren’t just for gaming. They would essentially become my daily music listening device as well. Gaming would be a much smaller component of their use. I just really need it to do well in both.

    Oh and I already bought hd650 before the hd700 and sold them. They were too warm for me. I prefer hd700 sound signature. These will be amped by my magni 3. Also I’m open to IE800 S if there is a good reason to spend extra.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. FastAndClean
    IE800 are great fun in ear, it has very nice sub bass and very clean mids and treble with good soundstage, the mids take a one step back in the mix, the new IE800S are with more neutral tuning to the old IE800
    for gaming and portable IE800 is the better option in my opinion, more fun and the price is greit
  3. notaglove
    What if price isn’t a factor? If the s model is much better I’m willing to wait until I’ve saved enough extra cash to buy it.
  4. pithyginger63
    the definition of balanced is weird, do you mean neutral?
  5. notaglove
    Yah. I want it to be fun to listen to but fairly neutral. I like my hd700’s a lot and something with around that level of neutrality would be ideal. I’m open to it being more neutral though as well.
  6. pithyginger63
    unfortunately, i cant really give any recs due to my lack of experience with most gear, but from what i read, the ie800/800s are both full-bodied and warm iems, moreso the 800s. if youre looking for something close to neutral, you could always go with the campfire andromeda, though you should try it out first if you can to see if they sit comfortably in your ears. or you could make the leap to customs with the uerr
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  7. notaglove
    I’m okay with a non neutral sound sig. rom what I’ve heard the hd700 is slightly v shaped and I love it. If the IE800 Or ie800 s is a subtle v shape without major dips and valleys I think I’ll love it. I just want to know whether they are as deep a v as the ie80 S or if they are a more shallow V.

    Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it.
  8. serman005
    In your price range I think you should look into a Campfire Polaris. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It is possible a Polaris could work for you.

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