iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

  1. Slim1970
    Correct, in “Direct” mode the only thing you’ll be using is the DAC in the iDSD BL with fixed a volume setting. In “Preamp” mode you’ll be using both the DAC and amplifier of the iDSD BL, have control of the volume, and have the option of selecting a gain of 0 or 9 dB.
  2. ModestMeowth
    Has any one experienced issues where the "battery" dies while plugged into usb power? The issue I am experiencing is that sometimes the unit will flash a red light which means the battery is in safe disconnected mode but I only use the thing while it's plugged in. I am also not turning on the unit until after it is plugged in so it bypasses the battery mode.
  3. iFi audio
    Please open a ticket via our support platform to get to the bottom of this.

    Generally speaking, when using Turbo mode and a standard 500mA current limited USB port, the power from the computer is insufficient to for the iDSD micro to operate and marginal for Normal mode.

    This means the iDSD micro will draw on the battery to make up the lack of power from the source.

    Further, if using high resistance USB cables, the available current may be lower than 500mA. To avoid this please use the included blue USB 3.0 cable which has been tested to support charging at maximum current.

    Otherwise either move the iDSD micro onto a designated charging port (and make sure it is set to charge at high current) or a powered USB hub designated as "BC 1.2 compliant" or add an iFi iUSB 3.0 nano.
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  4. jwbrent
    Hi guys,

    Can anyone point me to a good comparison in performance between the Micro iDSD and the Black Label version.

    Much appreciated ...
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  5. Jearly410
    9E61A4ED-4B6A-40BC-B346-8F56F80D311B.jpeg Thanks @iFi audio for sending me the new volume knob with the orange stripe. Now I don’t have to hunch over and squint when trying to figure out where the volume level is! Huge QoL increase.
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  6. harpo1
    @iFi audio can we purchase the volume knob with the orange indicator? I'd really like one since my eyesight isn't what it once was and it would help me out tremendously.
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  7. Slim1970
    I’d like to know if this can be purchased as well. I’m alway picking up my iDSD BL just to see were the volume level is at.
  8. jmills8
    How about putting a notch on the volume knob then I can just feel where its set at.
  9. Mkoll
    Yours doesn't have a notch? Mine has one, although it's tiny.


    I ordered some orange glow in the dark tape for a dollar from China with the intent of cutting a tiny piece to use a volume indicator. Should hopefully arrive this month and I might post here with the results.
  10. jmills8
    ha, I just looked at it. Yeah a tiny notch that I never knew it was there. So I never felt the notch.
  11. iFi audio
    Please open a support ticket via our platform to be found here:

    ...and let us know what you need. Thanks!
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  12. harpo1
    Thanks! Support ticket submitted.
  13. iFi audio
    You're welcome!
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  14. JoeyGS
    Another workaround for the knob is to put a good 3M sticker of any shape you desire to serve as the pointer or indicator.
  15. Slim1970
    Just got my response from iFi support. They are sending me out the new volume knob with the orange indicator. Thanks @iFi audio for the great product support!

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