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iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

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  1. superuser1
    I absolutely agree with you. One of the best resolving beasts i have heard in this configuration. It is much more than a swiss army knife :wink:
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  2. Dobrescu George
    Similar detail levels, presented differently.

    Both X7mkii and iDSD BL have amazing levels of bass and impact, iDSD has a bit more control and impact, while X7mkii has a bit more bass in quantity. The midrange is where the most difference is at, iDSD BL is slightly U shaped, while X7mkii has a bit more forwardness in its midrange. both are nice, iDSD boasts more detail, while x7mkii boasts more enhancement in the textures area. X7mkii sounds really happy, while iDSD BL sounds more romantic and mature. Also more depth to soundstage on iDSD BL, while X7mkii has a very wide presentation. The treble is slightly more enhanced on iDSD BL, and a little earlier.

    Even so, iDSD cannot be called thin when compared to X7mkii. both have about the same fullness to their sound. In fact, iDSD BL has a bit more thick bass and impact, being a bit thicker, if you ask me. iDSD BL also has a bit more enhancement in the treble, which might make it a bit enthusiastic for some, but not thin by any means!
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  3. Dobrescu George
    iDSD BL is end game material. only needs a source by the time you have it :darthsmile:
  4. superuser1
    I dont find it thin at all Boris. i love the BL despite the whole balanced boom!
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  5. superuser1
    I wish i could argue with that :wink:
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  6. jmills8
    Aa forget balance.
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  7. superuser1
    Really opens up this hybrid (6BA + 1DD)

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  8. iFi audio
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  9. jwbrent
    Hi everyone,

    I’m very late to the party on the iDSD micro BL, and found out about it by reading the new iDSD nano BL thread.

    Does the BL have enough technical prowess and performance to match up with the Utopia, or will any shortcomings be readily revealed? I’m using a Mojo now and love the the sound of the Utopia. My transport is an AK240SS fully loaded with hi res FLAC files.

    I have another use for the Mojo (my son :grinning:), and I was considering three replacements: the Hugo 2, WA8, and CDM. The idea of not spending a lot of money very much appeals to me since the Utopia purchase was recent.

    But I don’t want to shortchange myself if there is an appreciable improvement by going the more expensive route.

    The BL will work nicely as a preamp in my speaker system, too—that’s a huge appeal since it will drive a Luxman tube amp. And finally, though my audiophile roots go back a long way having worked in the industry for 26 years, the sound enhancement features will be nice to have to use on occasion, or perhaps even more.

    Any thoughts will be gratefully appreciated ...
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  10. superuser1
    You are indeed late to the party, Get the BL and you wont look back. I personally cant speak about the synergy between the two but it certainly won't under perform. Hugo 2 and WA8 are great choices too. I have used the BL as a pre-amp and it works flawlessly in that department too.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
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  11. jerick70
    Has there been any more info on when and if the iDSD BL will support MQA?
  12. superuser1
    Sadly, we are still waiting on that one.
  13. chungjun
    I'm trying to wrap my head around the "Direct" vs "Preamp" option of the iDSD BL.

    Say assuming I do want to add a dedicated headphone amplifier, i.e. PC > iDSD(BL) > dedicated headphone amplifier > headphone

    Can someone enlighten me on the difference between "Direct" vs "Preamp" mode of the iDSD? - (apart from ability to control volume in preamp vs FULL volume)

    In "Direct" mode, does it mean that the iDSD act only as a DAC and after audio signal is processed by iDSD it will pass it on to the next chain (in this case a headphone amp) at FULL volume (why full)? OR iDSD simply does nothing and everything is "bypassed" to the next equipment in the chain? Logically, this shouldn't be the case should it since the data signal from PC to iDSD(BL) will need a DAC.to convert the signal to audio wave before the amplifier takes over?

    Which option would be best to connect to a dedicated headphone amp? Preamp or Direct?
  14. Slim1970
    Both modes only come into play when you are using the RCA output. In "Direct" mode the volume will be fixed. This means that whatever you have the iDSD BL plugged into will control the volume. In "Preamplifier" mode the volume is controlled by the iDSD BL and you'll have the choice to select a gain of 0db (Eco) or 9db (Normal/Turbo).
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  15. chungjun
    In terms of the audio signal processing, does that mean, in "Direct" mode, the signal will not go through the "amplifier circuit" of iDSD BL?
  16. technobear
    Direct... and use Eco mode.
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