iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

  1. superuser1
    I thought event and exclusive mode would force the device to play music only through that particular software. However, seems i was mistaken.
  2. jerick70
    On that note.... ASIO AND WASAPI, in exclusive mode, give you the best audio experience from windows. Using the system mixer will degrade your audio. So I wouldn't suggest turning these off.
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  3. yoyorast10
    Thanks. And yeah that does seem to work. Guess I'll just get speakers for any other sound on my pc.
  4. yoyorast10
    "Give exclusive mode applications priority" should I also have that one checked?
  5. jerick70
    The way I put it in my post was a little misleading because I'm a bit biased on this topic. Microsoft and Apple include these modes on purpose for things like recording on your computer while not having an interruption. The ding of an email coming in while your mixing a new album would be a huge pita. The thing that gets me here is for audiophiles like us you have to have two different audio devices to get the full audio Fidelity out of your dac and have use of your other audio emitting programs on your computer. There has to be a way to give you the best of both worlds.
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  6. jerick70
    Yes. I would recommend it for the best sound.
  7. jerick70
    Hey no problem.

    Have you tried Roon in place of musicbee and foobar?
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  8. iFi audio
    You can choose either pure, unprocessed organic food, or processed, mixed and adulterated food.

    Mixing Audio streams in the digital domain is an inherently lossy process, which involves ASRC etc. and done right it needs a lot of system resources.

    Even in recording there is a strong push back to "mixing out of the box", that is doing the mix after multichannel AD in the analogue domain and then recording to digital. It simply sounds better.

    For the computer and OS makers, audio is pretty much an afterthought, even having EXCLUSIVE mode is a huge step up from the early days where getting an unmolested signal through to an audio device was a serious challenge.
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  9. Matez
    The nano iDSD BL is on the official iFi site, folks.
  10. superuser1
    I am itching to get one especially after having the Micro BL. Btw did you find the Micro iDSD BL thin sounding compared to the X7 Mk II?
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  11. Roscoeiii
    BL nano is very interesting. I started my iFi journey with the original iDSD Nano, but was getting hiss with my very sensitive Shure 846s. Looks like there are many reasons to expect that this wouldn't be the case for the BL nano (IEMatch being one big reason).
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  12. jmills8
    Thin or cleaner ? If thin then turn on the bass boost.
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  13. Roscoeiii
    No familiar with the X7 MkII, but thin is not a term I'd apply to the micro iDSD BL. Regardless of what the bass switch is set at.
  14. jmills8
    I guess if you focus to find thin you will find then which gives you the green light to buy something new.

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