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iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

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  1. iFi audio
    These buttons aren't glued for a reason. If a product has to be sent back for warranty etc., it's much easier to disassemble it without any damage. One firm press should solve the loose button issue.
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  2. George Taylor
    Man, you mean my inner engineer finally came into play correctly? Cool. And yes, since I pushed it back into place, isn't hasn't come loose again. I did use a colored marker on the sides of the button so I could line it up properly. It's a little hard to deal with such tiny things when you have large, fumbly fingers.
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  3. cardeli22
  4. superuser1
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  5. Vartan
    Hi guys
    Does solution 2 really work?

  6. chungjun
    Anyone set up the BL with a tube amp (i.e. Source > iDSD(BL) > Tube Amp > Headphone)?

    If so, may I know 'why' you implement it for your setup? Thanks.
  7. RAQemUP
    For myself, my source is a pc or a DAP so I use the iDSD BL as my DAC to another amplifier whether it's tube or SS.
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  8. earChasm
    How come that the BL sounds significant different when using an Opus #1 (optical) and an AK70 (OTG) as transport?

    It could be all in my head but the Opus sounds more open with more bass, and the AK70 sounds calmer with more body?! Shouldn't it sound almost the same? As far as I know, using a digital out means that the internal DAC is disabled or am I miss informed :rolling_eyes:.
  9. jmills8
    Magic !
  10. technobear
    It's all down to noise and timing.
  11. Kerouac
    I'm not totally sure if the dac is disabled. Your BL will probably bypass/skipp the amp parts of your daps anyway, but the (bright vs warm) dacs might still be the source. Have you also put your Opus #1 output settings to 'Line-out'?
    Btw, when I used my Hugo in the past with different daps (DX90 / X5 coaxial or Plenue 1 optical at that time) using the same headphones or iems, I noticed the same thing.
    It always ended up sounding slightly different to my ears (or to my by placebo triggered brain) with exactly the same files :)
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
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  12. Vartan
    Is Eco mode enough for HE400i?
  13. Dobrescu George
    I vaguely recall this question being asked before :gs1000smile:

    As far as I know, going from Eco to Normal doesn't change the sound for the worse, so the question is whether it is enough for your loudness with he400i, or if you'll want to bring the gain to normal for your listening habits. I'm a loud listener, but Eco is enough with all of my IEMs and almost all of my headphones, so I guess that it should be enough for HE400i as welll, but I don't have a pair to test it directly:triportsad:
  14. earChasm
    Thanks for the explanation. Lets say for now Im not crazy then :.b
  15. earChasm
    For me it is. I listen at 11:00 with eco on and at 09:00 on normal. That is with IEM match off and in a quite room ofcourse.
    Then again, Im super carefull about my ears....
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