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iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

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  1. Slim1970
    Not sure what happened but I was disappointed it wasn't there. What really got me bothered was the lack of response by iFi's support team. I love their products as I have the Pro series as well as the iDSD BL and they are all outstanding. The iDSD BL drives all of my cans. It really is a miniature Pro iCan minus the last minute resolution, details and clarity that the Pro series has.
  2. Dobrescu George
    Who knows what could happened, they are quick to answer mails in general. Maybe they were checking with the store before giving an answer or such (?)

    Also, I am still enjoying iDSD BL quite a lot, still the benchmark DAC/AMP We're using at Audiophile Heaven :darthsmile:
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  3. puerrican85
    Just want to state that I used the link at B&H in NYC and they honored the price. Was on the fence of this or the Fiio x5 3rd. Once I saw the deal I figured I'll stay with the one plus 3t as transport or even the fiio x5 1st gen instead.

    Thanks for the heads up on this deal! :beerchug:
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  4. panter96
    Check your spam folder, I thought the same thing about their support team because no reply for 3 days!? but to my surprise their replied really fast and it was in the spam folder!.
    I contacted them because the iDSD gets disconnected after the Macbook wakes from sleep and I wanted to know if the micro iUSB 3 will solve the problem but that is easily solved with any powered usb hub.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  5. Slim1970
    I've been looking in my spam folder as well and there's no response there either. Maybe since it's not a technical issue it got categorized or processed differently and went to another department. Either way it would be great to get an acknowledgement email or something. I've got nothing so far.
  6. cardeli22
    Np. Since I already have one I just wanted to pass along a good deal.
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  7. George Taylor
    Usin the Micro Black to feed into my Valhalla 2, then to my DT 1990 pros. Now that is very nice. The DAC in that thing is most impressive.
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  8. technobear
    Have you logged into the iFi support website to see if there is a reply there?
  9. Topspin70
    How does the Valhalla 2 compare with the BL's internal amp? Are they sonically quite different?
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  10. BillsonChang007
    If I recall correctly, the BL does not come with the pouch for my tour unit. If I recall correctly.
  11. Slim1970
    I'm not sure, but I think the way it works is once you open up a ticket they send you a link or a password to login. I haven't received that acknowledgement yet so I'm not able to login to check on my status. I've been looking for a way to register but I've been unable to find one besides opening up another ticket.
  12. cardeli22
    I just purchased one brand new sealed and it came with the pouch. Yours may have just been packaged wrong. Sorry to hear that.
  13. George Taylor
    It definitely sounds different. Using my LCD2s right now. And Listening to Arch Enemy (metal). I'd say out of the BL it sounds more METAL! The Valhalla seems to add more mids. Now, I do have the 3D on with both units, not sure how that might be affecting the Valhalla sound. Let's turn it off and see. Wow, that's different. Mids went back to a more normal and acceptable level. Still talking about through the Valhalla. Think I like it better without with the Schiit unit. And I've been using the 3D all the time since getting the BL. Back into the BL without 3D. And honestly the sound is almost identical to what I was getting from the Valhalla. Hmmm. All this does is make me think I'm right in saying I'll probably be selling some stuff in the near future. One thing I love about the BL is the space, or lack there of, that it takes up compared to my other units. And seeing how good it sounds make me want to free up my desk of all this redundancy.
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  14. puerrican85
    Loving my unit as well. The internal amp is great with metal and rock. Handles classical very well too. With 3d effect on I agree with another forum member where they said you hear more instruments from the background. It brings them more upfront but not obnoxiously. Some songs however you'll be playing with it on and off as some songs do not benefit from it. Especially certain metal tracks.

    For $389 retail after the slickdeal it was the best purchase I made since the Fostex t50rp mk3. Powers them with ease and bass is great and strong without being overbearing. I'm in audiophile heaven and probably close to endgame until a new set of cans catch my attention.
  15. cardeli22
    Yeah this hobby has me constantly looking at new headphones all the time. I will probably look at a good tube amp to pair it with...or the 1990 pro headphones, as my wallet cowers in fear. LOL:o2smile:
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