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iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

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  1. RAQemUP
    I actually just received this bag aweek ago.


    It doubles as a small messenger bag and it's how I intend to use it.

    Edit: BTW Google search Kaukko waist bag. It's sold at a lot of places in khaki and black. I bought mine from GearBest. It took 2 weeks to arrive but it was on sale for under $20 shipped.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
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  2. burningv
    Please let us know how your portable audio stack fits inside. I actally might get this one, but in black because seems that it's of much higher quality and more spacious than the one I posted.
  3. George Taylor
    I have a question about something before I actually try doing it. I just had the thought of using the Black label purely as a DAC for one of my other amps. If I were to try this, how exactly should I set it up? Would I want the volume on the Black turned up fully? Which settings should I have set up which way? The Black has so many options that I'm not sure if it's even smart to try it. Thus my questions, is it even a good idea?
  4. beowulf
    Time for two random shots reminding me while I still survive at work, despite hating that place of sorrow and regret....


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  5. RAQemUP
    @George Taylor

    There's a switch on the bottom for direct or preamp.

    If you select preamp, the amplifier in the iDSD is active and the volume pot, bass switch, and 3D switch all work and effect the RCA or SPDIF out on the back to whatever amp you are connected to.

    If you select direct, the iDSD amp is inactive and the volume pot, bass switch, and 3D switch do nothing. Basically in direct mode, you only turn the volume pot just enough to turn it on. It gives a fixed line out level sound of the iDSD's DAC to whatever is hooked up to the RCA out or SPDIF out on the back of the unit.

    I personally just use direct to hook up to my home system.
  6. George Taylor
    Cool, this is exactly what I needed. Sometimes I over think things and the obvious answer is not so obvious to me. Thanks.
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  7. Mkoll
    Yep it is. I'm listening to it at this exact moment.

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  8. cardeli22
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  9. soLicitous
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  10. cardeli22
    No problem. They have had that deal earlier this year too. I missed it the first time. Got it new for 469$ (vs 379$ on Adorama.com) and then i see the deal again. LOl can't win them all. Eitherway I am really enjoying this Dac/Amp
  11. superuser1
    Finally ordered myself a iDSD BL :L3000:
  12. BillsonChang007
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  13. jmills8
    You will need a weird charging cable.
  14. superuser1
    What do you mean? Are you calling me weird? :)
  15. jmills8
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