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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hi-fi amateur, Jul 20, 2013.
  1. hi-fi amateur
    I have the 4th gen iTouch, but am curious as to which iDevice produces the best SQ. I have read good things about the new iTouch 5th gen and iPod classic, any thoughts?
  2. Berkovajazz
    It depends of your tastes. Old guys up to iPod Video, Nano3, Touch1 has Wolfson DACs inside. Newer iPods has Cirrus DACs. Lot of things to talk, but a lot of a good words comes so fast when you get a good phones and they paired really well with your player. It is synergy. 
    As for me, i like hard styles of music, and Cirrus DACs are better for me. My vote for new iPods.
    I was having all iPods from old iPod 4G to iTouch5, with Nanos and Shuffles.
  3. Greed
    Best iDevice is most definitely the 5.5G iPod Video. Pretty cheap on ebay. 
  4. hi-fi amateur

    Can it play apple lossless?
  5. Greed


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