Ideas upgrading/modding iPod 5g 30gb?
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Oct 13, 2013
Hi all,
I have a 5g video with 30gb drive and Im looking for help with possible upgrades of disks.
What I know is that my model has the 32mb ram so some people say that bigger drives has problem with the number of files and the iTunes library size.
Can Rockbox solve this? Upgrading the board seems expensive (price/"worth it" ratio).
What I also found is that in order to even go to a 80gb drive I need at least a "thick" back plate, phone jack cable and I think some rubber base for the HD. Right? Any DIY?
Any ideas or link to viable upgrades? Like 120/160/240gb HD with minimum upgrades of parts + rockbox(ram limit) maybe?
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Hi and thanks,

Ssd is not an option because of the price/size but an full size sd 128gb might be good because you dont need to change the case.

Any ideas about number of files and RAM? Will rockbox solve it?

Where can i get sd adapters for the ipod?

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perfect thanks!
I sent him an email but you might be able to help me too.
2 questions (one of them is the same with above):
- The CF-SD adapter seems to leave almost all of the full SD out. Is the photo wrong?
- with a 128gb SD, will Rockbox solve the library size issue (32m RAM)?
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Hi Varoudis, I used a 128Gb Transcend SDXC card which gave me about 119Gb after restoring with iTunes. I think that is a normal result.
I don't think the issue of 32Mb ram will be a problem with Rockbox. The only problem I had regarding Rockbox used with the Tarkan/CF- SD adapter is that I had to reboot into the original firmware to put music on my iPod video 5.5g (32Mb RAM), otherwise it would just hang whilst transferring music. This turned out to be a card specific problem. Other than that, the whole package works well with really fast access speed. I hope this helps.
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That is excellent news!
Ill wait for the new battery to arrive as the iPod need reviving after long time and Ill probably go for the CF-SD adapter and this Kingston 128GB card that is seems from the website that is works with the iPod.
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Btw, how is you battery life with the cf/sd card versus the hd? My brain tells me its way better.
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Hi sorry for the late reply, yes my battery life has improved. I'm still wondering whether or not to go with a thick rear cover with a 750 mAh battery, which would yield an even longer battery run time compared to the thin cover with a 550 mAh battery that I've got at the moment. The difference is only a few mm.
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Do you use an Amp or DAC with it? Im trying to find comparison between a setup like "Galaxy Note2+dac/amp", "ipod5g+??"..
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I forgot to ask. How many hours you get from the normal battery? I just got one from ebay.

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Well i didnt do a proper one too. I had a big playlist in rockbox and i had a runtime of 10-11hours.

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