I'd rather have the Bose Soundsport over the Westone wireless...
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Jan 3, 2009
Before you light those torches and sharpen those pitchforks, hear me out.

I have the W40. The sound on these are AMAZING. At least when I used the cable. But I kept getting tired of apple's lightning-to-3.5mm adapter failing for whatever reason (went through a few of them. Thankfully, Apple's warranty would replace them for free).

Thankfully, Westone sells a wireless cable I can use with my W40s. It wasn't as close to the audio quality of it being tethered, but no more tangles, accidents from being caught on anything, and all whatnot made it worth it for me.

But I accidentally left it at a friends house one day and I was forced to open and use one of my mom's christmas present. A Bose SoundSport headphone. It definitely wasn't as comfortable, but it almost was better in every way.
  1. No annoying LOUD beeps when I reach max volume and continues when the next song comes on.
  2. Volume can also go louder.
  3. Audio quality isn't on the same level, but actually not bad if you compare it to Westone's wireless cable
  4. Can connect to both my phone AND computer at the same time. This is super convenient if I get a call or if there's a video on insta I want to see. With the Westone, I always have to disconnect one device and connect it to the other.
  5. Recharges faster
  6. The mic was better for calls. With the Westones, it picked up every whisper and footsteps in the background and had it be a loudspeaker to the mic.
  7. A little gimmicky, but the artificial voice helps me understand what it connected to and its battery life easily without looking at my phone. This is something even my Plantronics BackBeat does.
I just learned that there's a V2 wireless cable right now from Westone. I'm sure the battery life and sound quality is better, but if it still has that loud beep, I'm going to pass. It's annoying, takes me out of the zone, and it hurts my ears.
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