I'd like to see a new 'Equipment' forum for transportable rigs
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 10, 2009
Hi All,
     I know its a grey area, and some might well argue that even a tube amp is, theoretically, 'transportable', but amps like the Lisa III just dont quite fit into either 'Fullsize Amps' or 'Portable Amps' - they live in the middle.
     I'm talking about rigs that you could conceivably take on a flight and setup in a hotel room or similar, and that covers a lot of ground. While there will always be a hardcore group who will try to make any combination work at a bus stop, as soon as you start chaining 3 components together (source/DAC/amp) before you can plug your headphones in, I would argue that your rig just became a 'transportable', regardless of how small each component is - for genuinely portable use, I'll stick with the 'DAP->IEMs' combination - simple and straightforward.
    Thoughts ?

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