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IC: Woo Audio WA6SE *OR* WA6 (both w/ upgrades+black+tubes)

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  1. SanJoseCanJunkie
    For Sale
    I am considering selling either my WA6SE or WA6.  Realistically, I just don’t need them both as the WA6 is powerful enough for all my headphones now that I am looking to sell my HE-5.  I am open to sell either amp, though I’d slightly prefer to keep the WA6 as it takes up less room.
    The WA6SE has the DACT stepped attenuator (+$215 option at the time), Teflon tube sockets (+$75 option at the time), and an amber power LED (this looks WAY better than the blue LED, and was a $35 option from Jack).  I am the only owner, and this was bought from Woo in Aug 2010 for $1420 including shipping.  The sound is flawless and is an Audiogon “Excellent” 9/10.  EDIT: The SN is not printed on the back; Jack Wu stated that it was an oversight, but that there are markings on the inside, and the SN is #0910201.  Jack has stated to me that any serious buyer may contact him if there is any question concerning the SN.
    The WA6 is even more unique, with PDPS, Teflon tube sockets, Nichicon Muse ES bypass caps, SoniCap Gen1 coupling caps, and the amber power LED.  I am the second owner (originally owned by h.rav, a respected seller), and this one was bought by him from Woo in Feb 2010.  Audiogon “Very Good” 8/10; SN # 0210270.  EDIT: The WA6 only saw use at a couple of meets since I bought the SE, so it has fewer hours than it's original purchase date implies.
    The WA6 has one niggle, which is an extremely faint hum that is only audible with Grados (cans with very low impedance and high sensitivity).  The amp is dead quiet with any other pair of headphones I have tried (HE-500, high-end Audio-Technicas, Senn 600, HE-5 and HE5-LE, Beyer DT250-80ohm, Beyer DT880, AKG 702, AKG 271…).  Even with the Grados though, as long as there is a little bit of low volume music playing, you can’t hear the hum.
    Both amps are in fantastic condition and are from a smokeless, childless home in a dry, temperate climate.  The pictures are high-res, so you can see some dust on the amps, but there are no scratches on either that I can see.
    I would only ship in original boxes with insured FEDEX Ground.
    If you need an AC power cable, I could include one of my thick and manly cables, and if you need tubes I could include these:
    Skinny-bottle RCA 6EW7 drive tubes (less than 20 hours).  If you really want a fat-bottle, I have a pair of Westinghouse 6EW7, but they have maybe 200 hours on them.
    Shuguang 274B rectifier (~75-hours)
    GE 5AR4 rectifier (low use AFAIK, but has a tiny tube rattle that doesn’t affect the audio quality through the headphones that I can tell).
    I have more feedback from the old FS forums here:
    EDIT: Serious interest only please.  I should have mentioned this earlier, but since these are rather expensive items, I would prefer to deal only with individuals who have some feedback, or post in the forums, especially if it involves a foreign transaction.
    EDIT: Added a bit more info based on questions that people had.
    P.S. Thanks to whoever took the nice B&W photo at one of the meets.
  2. headfi101
    PM sent
  3. headfi101
    Hi Dustin,
    I am new here, just signed up with this site.....I tried to pm you again but I only get 2 msg limits  a day.  Anyway, I'm in the market for WooAudio and came across your ads......not sure why you are worried as a seller? I'm the buyer here and you don't have to ship until payment is clear. PM me if you reconsider. My ebay immed129
  4. SanJoseCanJunkie
    PM reply was sent to headfi101 about his question.
  5. gmahler2u
    hi how much are you selling your Woo 6?
  6. nvrenuf
    Same question as above. I'm in modesto
  7. Torontoraccoon
    And the Woo Se? Always wanted to grab one since they are so smexy.
  8. SanJoseCanJunkie
    The WA6 has been sold to headfi101.  Thanks for the interest!
  9. headfi101
    I'm so confused of how to leave you feedback, this site needs major upgrade for sure.

    I will type a feedback in yor sell listing thread then? Thanks
  10. headfi101
    Seller has fantastic items. Smooth and easy transaction. Hope to deal with again and recommend to all. Thank you.
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