[IC] WearOS 3G/LTE Enabled Smartwatchs

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    So I have two WearOS smartwatches that I no longer use. Probably not the best place, but maybe I'm wrong. Any interest?

    1. LG Watch Sport (has some cosmetic imperfections, but screen has not yet burned in) with box, charging cradle, cable and a 3rd party charger with a 3d printed dock. Battery does not last a day with LTE enabled. Clean ESN. Looking for a range between $125-$175. Comments?

    2. Huawei Watch 2 LTE (good condition) with box, charger, 2nd charger, and charging dock. LTE does not seem to offer much US support. Never used LTE, and battery lasts well over a day. Clean ESN. Looking at a range of $150-$190. Thoughts?

    I'm looking to offset some expected schooling costs as I start Grad School in less than one month. I will ship at cost to most places.

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Victorfabius
    Any interest at all?
  3. Victorfabius
    Bump. Added price ideas. Comments welcome.
  4. Victorfabius
    Bump, I suppose.

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