IC: UE Super.fi 5pro and Ety ER6
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May 8, 2007
Still looking for the "right" pair of IEM's, so I'm selling / trading the one's I already have and don't use.

First up is one pair of UE Super.fi 5pros. Bought them from jterp7 here. They were a little too bassy/heavy for me. Come with all the stuff noted in the original thread (NO attenuator), and they come with a pair of unused Comply tips. Would like to get $115, shipped and paypal.

Next is a pair of Etymotic ER-6 (yes, the ER-6, no "i" or "c"). Comes with all the original stuff and some extra small sized foamies. Excellent condition. These were a little too thin for me. I'll be taking offers on these, I'm not sure what to ask.

Also willing to trade. Will ship worldwide, but the buyer will have to kick in extra money for shipping, probably about $15-20, depending on where it's going.



Edit: Currency is USD

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