IC: Rega Apollo
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Dec 25, 2003

My purchase of the Naim CD5i is complete so this is officially for sale. This is not a FOTM sale. The Apollo is an excellent cdp for the money. I just felt that there is supposed to be a synergy with Naim components and the price was too good to pass on.

I picked up a Rega Apollo today on Audiogon. It shipped today and I should have it by Tuesday. It is black and only a few weeks old. I got it from a dealer so I was told there will be a warranty with it. The only reason I am considering selling is because I just got an opportunity to buy a Naim CD5i to go with my Naim Nait 5i. Otherwise, the I wouldn't consider selling the Apollo.

If I sell, it will be for $850 shipped conus plus 3% for paypal. M.O. is also acceptable.

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