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IC/ NAD C270 120w/ch SS power amplifier

  1. fogia.4
    Interest check for a NAD C270 120w per channel stereo solid state power amplifier. This amp has served me well bu I really want to upgrade to B&K monoblocks and it won't be of any use besides helping in funding the B&Ks.

    I'd be looking for 250USD + shipping for it. It is a 120v unit so if you're from Europe you'll need a voltage converter. Great starter amp!
  2. fogia.4
    Taken off due to lack of interest.
  3. sewermess
    Is your NAD C270 still available?  If so, may I be contacted regarding my interest to make its purchase?
    Thank you - JG Herrera
  4. grawk
    6 years ago, and banned.

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