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Oct 18, 2005
This ad just changed from an interest check to a for sale on the X-PSU v3 only. The X-Can v3 is no longer available. The X-PSU v3 is in mint condition (used, no marks). Only a few months old, sticker on back says Manufactured in November, 2005. I Will double box for safe shipping. I have the Original power cord, all 4 of the 3-pin Din Power leads, original MF box and foam packing materials, manuals, paperwork. Really pristine unit. X-PSU V3 uses a toriodal transformer for a stable electron source for each component. From there, it has four discrete secondary power supplies so you can plug in up to four X-series components. The X-PSU is the perfect high current power supply for the X-10 V3, X-LPS V3, X-CAN V3, and X-DAC V3 all at the same time.

Power Outputs: Four. Each 12-0-12 AC Volts 20VA
Power Consumption: 100 watts
Dimensions: 7.1" wide x 3.5" tall x 8.2" deep
Weight: 6 pounds 13 oz.

I am looking for $300 plus actual shipping costs. You choose the carrier, the website will give us a good estimate for actual shipping costs.

I am willing to ship to Continental US locations only. International, please don't ask.

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