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IC Modded Ultrasone HFI 780 BO

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  1. roughington
    For Sale
    These have been a passion project of mine for a few months, I liked the HFI780 stock I liked them a lot actually but there were some things that irked me about them like their very sharp highs and the crapiness of the stock pads. However, I figured out a way to fix both, I replaced the headband pads with HD600 headband pads and I replaced the stock ear pads with HM5 ones with some cotton tubing for extra cushion. Inside you'll find dynamat lining the cups for some damping inside of the cups along with a cotton pad to help tame the highs and tighten up the base a bit. I don't know if i think they sound better, or they actually do sound better. However, I know that I can listen to these for more than 2 hours now with no problem. Oh, I also recabled with a removable 3m long hand made sleeved cable that is 4 cored terminating in a straight oyaide 3.5mm plug and it connects to the headphones with a 4pin tiny xlr (it's what I had lying around) and I removed the diode board so you can technically overdrive these, sooooooooo don't do that.. I used these stock for about a year then modded them, so they aren't in perfect shape there are some nicks and scuffs on the cups and headband. Message me if you want me to post pics. shoot me an offer and we can work out all the other stuff. Have a wonderful day/night/afternoon/wasting time at work/in the bathroom/etc. PS I was inspired by ALO to do this mod but I do not know where I stack up in terms of sound, worksmenship, SO I can't say I am selling one =(
Thread Status:
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