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IC: Midiland S2-4100

  1. MrSiki99
    Selling a wonderful 2.1 computer setup, the renowned Midiland S2-4100. About 2 years old and in immaculate condition except for a few minor scrapes and scratches. Beautiful sounding speakers for their size. I'm sure most of you know what these are, but if you dont just look them up, there are a few reviews out there. And these arent made anymore; mine are in black.

    PM me with offers.
  2. MrSiki99
    BUMP. Selling for $120 shipped
  3. MrSiki99
    BUMP, still $120 shipped. Someone please grab these! They are perfect computer speakers!
  4. MrSiki99
    bump $120 shipped
  5. MikoLayer
    bump as another proud owner [​IMG]
  6. Icy006 Contributor
    I own two sets of S2/4100. Buy these - you will not regret it [​IMG]

  7. MrSiki99
    SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF ME!!!! I am upgrading and have no use for it anymore!
  8. Textual Intercou
    how flexible on the price are you? I've been looking for speakers to use in my room for a while but I'm kind of leery about spending that much on old computer speakers [​IMG]
  9. MrSiki99
    Well that is including shipping which is probably around $20. And these are some of the best computer speakers out there.
  10. GodsMadClown
  11. Icy006 Contributor
    Are the speakers still available?
  12. bartb
    Hey Mr Siki99, is this set s2 4100 still for sale?

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