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IC MDR-SA5000 Denon AD-H5000 Sony XB1000 DarthBeyer V3

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  1. SundayDuffer
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United States
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    Long time member, been out of the game for a while. Im more of a home system/tube/vinyl type of guy. Anyhow, i am starting to venture into the portable Digital DAPs DSD Flac format world, And i would like to perhaps do some trades for IEMs ... mostly interested in Magnetic Planar (iSine 10s 20s) headphones. I wouldnt mind trading for a regular planar home listening over the ears types also..like audezes and such. But im opened for options.

    Here are what i have to offer. Please be patient with me. Im so out of the game so i dont even know how much these are going for at current market values. But if the deals sound fair to both parties then we just go for it...that's how i will approach.

    1. Sony MDR-SA5000, rare, condition 8, frankly i only put in prolly less than 5 hrs on these over the last 10 yrs, she aged because i just left it hanging for years and years..and a few scuffs here and there cause i moved a few times.

    2. Sony MDS-XB1000, condition 9, huge cans i mean super huge, bassheads should love these..again it rarely used.

    3. Denon AH-D5000, condition 9, one of my favorites, i just hate the cord...too long, too stiff.

    4. Beyer Darth V2 or V3 modded by HeadPhile, super rare, condition 8+, now this was my favorite...but im willing to part with it so another member can enjoy these.

    Ok guys, i still have a few more cans but these are what i have for now. Again, please be patient with me, whatever you are offering up to me, i will then do some research and homework on your items, then we go from there.

    Cash offer is accepted also. Im paypal ready. Im in the Bay Area NorCal.

    BeyerDarth.jpg DenonAHD5000.jpg Headphones.jpg MDRSA5000.jpg SonyMDRSA5000.jpg SonyMDRXB1000.jpg BeyerDarth.jpg DenonAHD5000.jpg Headphones.jpg MDRSA5000.jpg SonyMDRSA5000.jpg SonyMDRXB1000.jpg
  2. SundayDuffer
    Sorry guys... I forgot to add... No boxes, no paper works, no nothing...just them cans. I moved around a few times so i guess i misplaces or tossed out all them boxes.
  3. SundayDuffer
    a few offers but nothing really jumped at me yet.... ToTheTop.
  4. SundayDuffer
    still waiting for something that pops... no hurries!!!!
  5. thatonenoob
    What are you expecting for the sa5000.
    Ishcabible likes this.
  6. SundayDuffer
  7. herijgonzalez
    How much for the Darth Beyer?
  8. izumiz
    Please PM me the price for SA5000
  9. morph2k4
    I'm interested in the SA5000. Also located bay area. PM me how much you are looking for. Also have various trades to offer.
  10. isaacs
    interested in the xb1000
  11. SundayDuffer
    Hey everyone...sorry...i havent been paying attention to this thread.... that is because i am currently out of the country now. I will be back in a week or two... Will tackle with it then. Thx.
  12. FireLion
  13. isaacs
  14. hatrack71
    Offer sent on Darth Beyers via PM.....

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