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IC: Laconic Lab Nightly Blues Mini 220V with power transformer

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by noodlz, Nov 25, 2016.
Trader History (52)
  1. Noodlz
    For Sale
    Managed to get one of these rare babies out of russia and Looove the way it sounds (its on par or better than most $1k amps i've heard.) But need some cashflow for a few things so may have to let this go. Its priced a little less than how much i paid for it with various costs associated in getting it to the US, and it includes and extra pair of tubes as well as the power transformer to change from 220V to 110V. Price includes shipping & paypal feels within the US.
    ** in-the-spirit-of-Black Friday Price: $350 **
  2. Dino2000
    PM sent.

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