IC: iFP-799
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100+ Head-Fier
Oct 5, 2004
Thinking about selling it, because I don't need a player for jogging any more. Not sure yet, though, which is why I just want to gauge interest. Lightly used, in very good condition.

1GB, takes an AA (so you don't have to deal with Li-Ion), UMS capable (firmware's upgraded). Plays back the usual stuff plus Ogg Vorbis. Headphone out's pretty powerful, and sound quality is good for an mp3 player's headphone out. Equalizer's supposed to be decent, but I never really used it much.

I don't know how much I'd sell it for.. MSRP is $180, street price for a new one is $160 or so. I kind of need money right now, so I'll probably be more receptive to lowballers than usual. Make me an offer, I guess.

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