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IC - Grado SR80i with Orenholz Bocote Wooden Cups

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by jason36, Oct 10, 2012.
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  1. Jason36
    For Sale
    Hi Guys,
    For Sale are my Grado SR80i Headphones which have Orenholz Bocote Cups.
    These are in excellent condition and the wooden cups have no scratches / marks etc. The drivers have been modified (I have removed the cloth front from the drivers and punched 3 holes in each of the driver membranes. They also have a blob of dynamat fitted to the back of each driver).
    I am only selling these because they are surplus to requirements and dont really get used anymore, mainly because I dont tend to be in environments where open back headphones are appropriate.
    These would be an ideal candidate for further upgrades such as Magnum Drivers, Recable, MCA Gimbals etc etc. I would live to keep them but I have decided to move onto other headphones that would get used more.
    I will ship anywhere subject to the buyer covering postage. Paypal gift or add 3%
    Any questions give me a shout
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