IC/FS RAL recabled Beyer Dt 48 E 25 Ohm
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Nov 27, 2004


Well, after boatloads of searching and thinking I finally found my dream can, then finally writing a review of it, I've spent the past couple of months not listening to it at all.

Part of that is I no longer need closed office cans, part of it is that I have just fallen back in love with the grado RS series and haven't taken the rs-2 off my head for the past couple of months and think I'm going to get an RS-1 and RA-1 (will probably be selling my Pico too to pull this off).

All that said, I think I'll be selling my beloved beyer. I'll undoubtedly regret it as I've been through this before (don't even get me started about the vintage Grados I've gone through, but I'm working with a fixed headphone/music budget and that's what I need to do.

So read the review linked above for their sound. Physically, please consider these cans as beat up and used. They are probably in better consider than that but that way you're paying for used stuff and you won't be disappointed if you think they are beat up and you'll be very happy when they exceed your expectations.

On price, places like B&H list them for $439 although you can get them down to slight under $400 if you email them. I bought these used and honestly can't remember what I paid for them (I've bought about 5 versions of these used) but have a feeling it was over $200 and under $300 (the new pads I bought for it were around $30-$40 shipped). The RAL cable, if I remember I bought for over $200 and had it installed by someone else for a few bucks more. Just pm me with an offer if your interested but I'm in no hurry to sell them so if I decide to sell them and find your offer to be a good one then I'll pm you back. Any sale would be CONUS only and paypal only. I wouldn't be interested in any trades/down except for perhaps something involving a vintage RS-1 or an RS-1.

Also, I have about 10 pages of positive feedback here.

Finally here's a picture, (more in the review thread above).


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