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IC/FS/FT Shure 940 Velour pads

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  1. roughington
    For Sale
    I have these Shure pads that Bought a while back because I wanted a cloth option for my HFI 780s but they don't really fit that well and come off really easily especially when I carry my headphones in a backpack so I want to sell these buggers to anyone who might need/want them and I am thinking about getting the HM5 velour pads I have the pleather ones and they are pretty good throw in a 1/4" cotton tube  ring in the back and you are set for hours of comfort my comrades. If anyone bites we'll talk about the stuff that needs to be talked about. They look a bit dusty because they touched my table I'll be shure to vacuum them and properly clean them before shipping you can count on that
    Thanks for clicking.
Thread Status:
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