IC/FS/FT HD580 with 650cable - DSPpro - ER-6 - V6 - Banana Stand - 414 pad
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Apr 6, 2003
Selling things I havent used in a while. [size=large]Make your offer. [/size] [size=small]Will entertain trades for anything except headphones (I currently have too many). [/size]Will ship 3-4 day USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation. Prefer paypal. Buy more and I will lower the price


Sennheiser DSP Pro: $24 shipped Dolby Surround Pro Logic and decent amp for HD580. 2 headphone out, and can be setup for surround sound with to support 4 speakers. There is a problem with the cable, it seems the input only works for the left channel. I'm pretty sure it is a problem with the cable, because it sometimes works when wiggled. The cable is extremely long so you have alot of space to do a simple splice. Includes powersupply and all cables.

Canon Digital Rebel 300d: includes promaster (sigma or tamron rebrand) 80-210 4.5-5.6 and a canon 50 1.8 with a loose focus ring (most common disfigurement, loose when its fully retracted, optically perfect, and perfect with manual focus which you would probably use anyway because of the shallow DOF), lens cloth, pleather lens bag, two batteries, extra eyecup, skylight 1a filter, sandisk 256mb cf card, and the rest of the stuff that came with rebel. its updated with the 10d firmware, which gives you flash exposure comp, iso3200, mirror lockup and other features not even the 350d/xt has.

Samsung 256mb desktop DDR true PC2700, stable at PC3200 speed (400mhz) $14[/size]

Etymotic ER-6: Great condition. Includes: pair of unused foams. Also includes pair of foam, shure ultrasoft, tri-flange, and dual flange that have been merely tested and a pair of dual flange that was used more than once or twice, and finally the box, papers, and 2 filter removers.
Sony V-6: Excellent condition.

soldSennheiser HD580 with HD650 cable and Sennheiser 1/4 to 1/8 adapter[/B]: $132 shipped Aurally perfect. Some wear on headband, but generally unnoticable. Headband is not perfectly dark and has a small blemish. Just making sure there are absolutely no surprises. I tried to show them in as worst light as possible in my pictures. Rest assure you will not be bothered during regular use/admiration. Has HD650 cable which is thicker and sounds better than HD600/580 cable and is terminated to 1/4 jack for use with hi-fi equipment. Also includes sennheiser 1/4 to 1/8 adapter for use with 1/8 jacks (portable, computer, etc). Includes original box and papers.
soldBanana Stand[/B]: $14 shipped Solid base, holds any of the headphones well. Looks great.
soldSennheiser 414 pad for grado[/B]: $8 shipped unopened.
soldChaintech AV-710[/B]: $17 shipped Envy24HT-S 7.1, nice Wolfson WM8728 DAC. 96khz 24bit, and can also support true spdif. Great condition.

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