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Sep 3, 2006
Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Hi everyone!

I just got this Alien DAC build by fellow Head-fier FallenAngel about 3 weeks ago but I'm not using it anymore because I want to move away from my computer as a source. I used it 1 time to test it and the left channel was not working, so I asked Fallen why it didn't work correctly, he told me to try to gently touch the interconnect with the inside part of the output jack and it worked.

Now what I'm doing is that I'm sending it back to him monday morning so he can repair the faulty output jack connector and then he would ship it directly to you.

Here are the specs for it :

Black Gates NX Hi-Q output caps.
3.5mm gold plated output jack.
Breadboard TREAD set at 6.0V to on-board REG102UA-A set at 5.4V to overclock the PCM2702, you have to use a wall-wart to power it but it will probably sounds way better then usb power.
Hammond 1455C802 black case.

I'm including the wall-wart and a Belkin gold plated USB A to B 10'' cable, these two costed me $20.

I believe the street price for this DAC is $70 so I'm willing to sell this for $SOLD (was $90)shipped. Basically, what you're getting is free shipping on an almost brand new DAC and saving the trouble of finding someone to build it.

The external enclosure is near perfect except there is a small kind of black-on-black line on the bottom that you can't see when put on it's feet, it's something very minor and it came to me that way. If you really really want to see it, I can try to take a pic of it but it's real tough to focus on.

Pics on request cause I don't know how to upload them here

Best regards,


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