IC: Creative Zen Sleek, 20GB (Not Photo)
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Sep 1, 2005
I just discovered my PDA is a pretty darned good source! Drives my headphones more easily, anyway. So I'm considering selling my Sleek (bought in early August) and just putting playlists onto SD cards, then there's one less thing to carry around.

The Sleek has a pink silicone skin on it with a neck lanyard; it also came with an armband, but not a belt clip. I still have the original Best Buy box and accessories (except not the earbuds that came with it, but I doubt anyone on this site cares about THOSE). It connects to the PC via a proprietary connector that splits to USB and AC adapter.

It has never given me a day of grief - never had to use the soft reset, or reformat it, or anything. Batteries easily lasted me the stated range - 14+ hours. There is a screen protector on it.

The Sleek has custom and several preset EQs and has sounded great with every pair of headphones and IEMs tried it with (PX100, UM2, Super.fi 5 Pro, Shure E4, Sony EX81LP, K81DJ, HD280 - though it had to be cranked pretty high for those last two).

I'll dig up the accessories/box and take some pics if there is any interest. Cost me $250 in August; Creative's showing it at $270; my price is $200 shipped in CONUS.

PM me with questions!


PS - The pink skin can be dyed with Rit (available at drugstores), though I believe Boxwave has a reasonably cheap one in less girly colors now.

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